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Sep 4, 2010

Arbor game a real treat

I have covered games in Jerry World's grand press box watching that massive big screen TV and his Cowboys play the Giants.

I've covered a Final Four, the Masters, a Cotton Bowl and sat on Tiger Woods' infamous press conference last spring.

But Friday night I was enlightened by an experience I will never forget - just like the lucky gigs I mentioned above.

There I was at the Arbor Academy-Highland Park game sitting on one of those hydraulic lifts above the quaint Lions Den Stadium.

Yeah, I was in a lift!

Did you get that? A lift!

Never covered a game in my 28 years of being a sports writer in a lift.

I sat next to Arbor offensive coordinator Chris MacKeown, the former Dusters coach who I would pay to sit next to again because of the entertaining comments he makes during a game.

Any way, Arbor head coach Bret Bethke had his Lions motivated and prepared during their impressive 49-6 drubbing of Class 2A Highland Park.

Arbor players never let up and in talking with Lion senior Nick Whitaker after the game I ran into a well spoken and honest-as-the-day-is-long young man when he said: "Some people came to watch us lose..."
Arbor plays with passion and is obviously well coached.

I could have done without the 29 penalties I saw, but not my first time covering a game from a lift.
Thanks, Arbor.

A memory of a lifetime.

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