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Sep 30, 2010

A busy weekend

I was at Plainview Thursday for Dalhart's game against Seminole, and on Friday I'll be at Sunray for the Bobcats vs. Clarendon game.

OK, I know I passed up the Bushland at Muleshoe game, but what the heck. I've seen the Falcons play this season and I simply wanted to see Sunray and Clarendon go at it with 4-1 records. I think both teams will reach the playoffs.

Muleshoe has won 30-straight regular season games and has never lost to Bushland. It's certainly a big game for both teams in District 1-2A Division I and in a way I'll miss seeing it. But I can only do one on Friday night.

I'm anxious to see Dalhart, 5-0 this season, play. I think if the Wolves win this one they have a very good chance to go unbeaten during the regular season.

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