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Sep 18, 2010

Hospitality in Spearman

I can't say enough about how nice I was treated Friday at Spearman.

In all of my years of covering high school football games, I had never covered on at Spearman until Friday's Homecoming game against West Texas.

I met former superintendent James Cunningham for the first time and what a treat that was. He is a true gentleman and showed me all the courtesy and kindness that someone in my professions could ever want.

Like myself, he is a true fan of former Spearman coach Greg Sherwood. We both thought the world of Greg, both as a coach and person. I've never known a greater person than Greg, and I'll always cherish his friendship.

I'd been through Spearman before, but had never driven around town. I found it to be especially nice. I'm not sure I expected it to be so nice.

At any rate, I'll be looking forward to the next trip there.

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