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Sep 11, 2010

A nice trip to Canadian

The final score of 55-28 with Canadian over Perryton wasn't quite what I expected Friday, but the game was entertaining to say the least.

The Wildcats' offense simply was outstanding as it had 537 yards total offense, averaging just over 12 yards per snap. Perryton was good too, getting 456 yards including 229 rushing.

The game began as though it would be a close, high-scoring affair, but quickly turned in Canadian's favor. The Wildcats scored on their first six possessions of the game and on eight of nine before putting in subs in the final period. Perryton simply couldn't match them TD for TD and as a result just fell farther behind.

I know one game does not make an entire season, but Canadian appears to have the kind of team that might still be playing in mid-December.

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