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Sep 18, 2010

Tech will upset Texas

Here in Lubbock awaiting the start of the Texas-Texas Tech game. About 30 minutes before kickoff.
I love to hear people predict AFTER an upset game how they predicted this and that would occur.
I'm stepping up right now before this game to say Tech will win in a squeaker (and if a blowout will occur tonight that baby will be handed out by Texas - not Tech).
My thinking is simply this.
Texas has looked average to date in wins over Rice and Wyoming. Tech has looked average in wins over SMU and New Mexico.
However, Tech has the more veteran quarterback in Taylor Potts. I believe Texas QB Garrett Gilbert will become a star, but he's not there, yet. He's vanilla right now. No flavor to him.
In a game like this, the QB becomes critical.
Potts is no Heisman candidate, but he will pull out a win for Tech.
What do you think?

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Just Me said...


It is ok to be wrong once in a while.

Never under estimate a defense. Defense wins ball games and offense score points.

Good luck with your next prediction against the longhorns.

Hook'em Horns

Duane O