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Oct 21, 2010

Tascosa-Coronado game delayed

Sitting here in the Lowrey Field press box in Lubbock waiting the start of the Tascosa-Lubbock Coronado District 2-5A game.
Rain and lightning have forced the delay.
Kickoff was set for 7:30 p.m. and the game looks like it won't start any earlier than 9:30 p.m., even 10 p.m.
The rain has been so strong one long puddle reaches from goal-line to goal-line on the sideline. Most of the yard markers have floated to one end of the field.
My only thought?
Too bad this isn't a natural turf field.
Would love to see an old school game in the mud.
Tascosa coach Ken Plunk wants to get this game in tonight because Lowrey hosts a doubleheader Friday and then a band contest all day Saturday. That means if this game can't be played tonight, look for a neutral site game.


mattlanier2004 said...

Hey Lance,
My name is Matt Lanier (I knew you when I was in high school with Clint Falk and B.D. Ware at THS in the class of '94), and I just noticed, in the team stats section for Tascosa, that 1993 was not listed in the list of years THS made the playoffs. Did they have to vacate that playoff appearance or was it just left off on accident? Of course...not a big deal...just saw it and thought I would ask. I remember all too well how Shea Morennz torched our secondary in bi-district that year...only to go on and not live up to his hype at UT.:)
I hope all is well up there. I am glad to see you still going strong at AGN...you were always professional, courteous, and kind anytime we interacted.
Take care,
Matt Lanier

mattlanier2004 said...

Sorry Lance...I guess it was actually 1992 when we played S.A. Central in bi-district.
My mistake!
All the best,