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Nov 12, 2010

Caprock about to end a 35-year wait

The Caprock Longhorns will play their first playoff game in 35 years on a chilly, windy night at Memorial Stadium.
Who cares.
This is going to be a real treat for me.
I joined the Amarillo Globe-News staff back in 1982 and will have the honor of covering The Rock in their first football playoff game since 1975.
I watched the warmups and Caprock seems calm and poised. It is windy so we will see how these conditions determine the play calling for Caprock's spread offense.
Wichita Falls Rider has an average crowd at best, considering this is a home game. The reason it's here is because Caprock lost a coin flip for home and home.
Here's what we are looking at tonight as far as history goes:
A win by Caprock tonight means the 2010 Longhorns would win nine games and tie the 1975 for the most wins in school history. Caprock opened in 1963.
A win by Caprock would be the second football playoff victory in school history.

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